WORLD LUBRICANTS Transgear Oil specialized gear lubricant contains highly developed sulphur-phosphorous extreme pressure (EP) additives that are designed to meet rigorous demands of commercial-fleet manual transmissions, drive axles and final drives. Its special additive technology assures an excellent protection against metal-to-metal contact of the gears under the most severe operating conditions, even under shock loads. This product is highly suitable for heavy earth moving equipment, farm equipment and passenger cars. It provides excellent chemical and thermal stability at elevated bulk oil temperatures, good performance at low temperatures, and have demonstrated good rust protection resulting from water contamination and wet conditions. Furthermore, the viscosity grades have an excellent low temperature fluidity for an optimum performance during all seasons. It shows an excellent oxidation and thermal stability. Seals are not affected by this product.

Recommended for use in hypoid or spiral bevel gear differentials and industrial gear units. Heavy-duty manual transmissions, axles. On-highway light and heavy-duty trucks, busses, vans, and cars. Off-highway industries including: construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture. Other heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications involving hypoid and other gears.

Performance Level
API GL-5/MT-1, BTR 5M-31, MIL-L-2105D, ZF TE ML-01/02/05/07/08


Transgear LS 90



WORLD LUBRICANTS Transgear LS gear oils are formulated to meet the requirements of spin resistant (Limited Slip) differentials.This limited slip differential oil contains a unique friction modifier, as well as an Extreme Pressure additive package, making this fluid suitable for use in hypoid differentials that operating under severe conditions. It is recommended for initial fill, refill or top-up of limited slip type differentials and normal hypoid type differentials.

  • Very good viscosity temperature behaviour because it stays in grade and maintains its characteristics even in severe conditions.
  • Protect gear failures – deposits, rust and wear. The advanced Extreme Pressure additive ensures maximum wear protection and enhances component life.
  • No loss of performance. Protects all metals normally found in gearboxes against corrosion and does not leave deposits on oil seals.
  • Lower maintenance costs. The long life characteristics of this LS hypoid gear oil reduces wear related down time.
  • Outstanding protection against wear. The lubricating film remains stable under very high loads and foaming is minimal at high speeds.
  • Recommended for machineries with requirements mentioning API GL-5 LS, MT-1, MIL-L-2105D (only 90 grade), Ford M2C-104-A